• Sudhir Jain (Chairman)

    We, at Gyan Ganga Global (G3) School, strive to provide a unique learning experience to our students by keeping pace with change and development and helping students to inculcate skills that will help them to face the challenges of contemporary life. Our constant endeavour is to provide the best infrastructural facilities to the students. We have excellent computer laboratories equipped with the latest technology to provide a hands-on experience to every student. Our Science, Social Science and Maths. laboratories are constantly upgraded with the latest equipment. The facility of smart class along with a knowledge centre which is powered by the world’s largest repository of digital content is also available to make learning exciting and interesting. Innumerable competitions at different levels and in all areas give the students a platform for developing their skills and acquiring confidence in the midst of a highly competitive environment. We are living in challenging times and are a witness to the best in terms of scientific and technological growth and development and also to the worst as far as degradation of moral values is concerned. Here, at Gyan Ganga Global (G3) School, our constant endeavour is to ensure that each child has the right skills, the right attitudes and values that will make him/her a responsible citizen of the country. The world holds limitless opportunities for the growth of our youth. It is up to us to help them seize their dreams and pursue them. Your child will be moulded by the environment and motivation provided to him/her at school as well as at home. So, remember that “The best inheritance a parent can give to his child is a few minutes of his time each day.” We look forward to your continuous interest and co-operation which will lead to higher milestones of achievement and success.
  • Geeta Chopra (Principal)

    As the Head of the Institution, I feel proud to assert that Gyan Ganga was born to excel and go places. At present people are becoming more intolerant and confused, to curb this problem we need an effective education system In a place that aims at enlightening the young souls on an extensive level. The urgent need of the hour is an education system that stresses inculcating the values of acceptance, tolerance, perseverance, and forgiveness in our children. Our children are bustling with IDEAS & I am sure that they will enable us to emerge victorious in all spheres. I sincerely wish & hope that each one of you will play a majestic role in helping us achieve our goal.
  • Sanjay Jain (C.E.O)

    Taking great pleasure in welcoming you at Gyan Ganga Global School, a highly progressive institution that pledged to provide quality education with an emphasis on values. Besides academic excellence, the School is committed to inculcate in all its students, strong values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect for elders. Education fosters confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision-making ability to set and achieve goals. The school takes pride in providing a caring atmosphere to all its students appropriate for positive growth and nourishment. It aims to develop scholarly students gifted with self-discipline, intense perseverance and zeal to excel which are the qualities required to meet the challenges of modern society. The school seeks your support and co-operation to achieve the standards.
  • Ankit Jain (Director)

    Welcoming to Gyan Ganga Global School, a technology enabled futuristic school that promise to provide the skills for future need of students. Besides academic programs, school runs several other programs like Abacus, Vedic Maths, Coding, Entrance Exam Preparation from class 3rd on wards. These programs keep G3 school different from any other school in Sonipat. The only school where the advisory members are from premium institutes of  India like IIM & IITs. We make sure that our students are ready for clearing entrance exams like IITJEE, NEET, NDA, CLAT or CUET etc as soon as they appear in class 12th board exams.